Offer to publishing of your text (almost any) on this website for a fee

Publishing your text and links on this website of mine for an unlimited time

I offer publishing of your text * on this website of mine. For the ammount of € 200, your article including the links (follow) in it will be published for an unlimited period of time.

* Of course, the text and its content must not violate Slovak law in any way. Must not promote or offer anything illegal.

The procedure of publishing of your text is as follows:

  1. You will send me a text of a maximum of one standard page for study, including links and references (maximum of two).
  2. I will publish the text and send you a link to check.
  3. I will expect payment within three working days by bank transfer, via PayPal or in btc (I will send the payment instructions by email). If payment is not made, I will suspend the publication of the article. After payment, I will keep your text for an unlimited time.

The illustration image is my own work of art.